Sea Change – A Greener Surfer – John McCarthy – BTS

Shooting this movie has been a really positive experience for us…

Meeting John and understanding his philosophy of mindfulness, connected us to the heritage of our craft … the soulfulness behind the greener surfer is something we want to emulate in our business.

We took inspiration from the hand crafted Alaia that John rides in the short film . Seeing him in communion with nature, riding a surfboard copied from one of the earliest examples of surfing equipment. Watching the fun he was having and noticing the absolute calmness and demeanour of the man, we couldn’t help but want to be part of it all, to help spread his message…….

This was really clear when we visited some unbelievably unspoiled and exotic locations in Kwa Zulu Natal,

So we built this pinhole camera out of the off cuts of an Alaia, watch the behind the scences movie here.