Like Giants Case Study by Bitter Suite

Bittersuite created a set of mighty awesome business cards for us, a small, but energetic independent production company – Like Giants. We were in search of an impactful identity that showcased our larger-than-life digital story-telling expertise. Bittersuite’s response was to create a series of six transparent, interactive business cards each featuring a friendly giant in a different precarious pose. Whatever is viewed through the transparent negative space creates a scene and story for the giant. Prospective clients, suppliers and the public received these cards with encouragement to join the #LIKEGIANTS story online.

Soon enough, people started playing with the cards, sharing their ‘giant like’ interactions online and creating a great buzz. The giants were seen taking over landscapes, buildings, beaches and roads. This interactivity on social media effectively brought the Like Giants ‘digital story tellers’ tagline to life. The abundance of pictures that were shared through social media assisted in the creation of a stop-frame animation of the giant walking through a cityscape, which became a part of Like Giants’ digital communication.

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